Can I skip the race and just donate: Yes of course. We welcome all donations. 

Can I just run/walk the 5K untimed and without a bib? Yes, just register for the "untimed" option.

Can I decide later if I want to do the 5K timed? Yes, you can decide day of. It will cost an additional $5.

When should I come if I would like to walk but I do not have a dog? Anytime! Feel free to join the 5K runners or the dog walkers. 

Can I bring my dog to the 5K race? No, please only bring your dog to the event after the 5K. 

Do I need to pay separately for the run and the dog walk? No, it is just one sign up fee.

Can I participate in the timed 5K and do the dog walk after? Yes, it's just one sign up fee.

Can I sign up for the dog walk and not the 5K? You are welcome to only do the dog walk. Just register for the timed/untimed 5K option.

Do I need to raise money over the amount for the event fee? No of course not. But this is a great cause and part of your race fee is offsetting costs for the event. So all added donations are very welcome.  

I want to volunteer: Great, click here

I want to be a sponsor:  Great — here is a link to the sponsorship packet