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Please contact the race director at: Jeremydranikoff@gmail.com

Important Info For The Event

We are almost there. Sunday from 9-1 pm is the long awaited March Fourth 5K and Family Fitness Day. There are over 400 people signed up for Sunday. We are all so appreciative of your support. We have an incredible morning planned with activities for the whole family. We wanted to provide you with a series of logistics to make your day go smoothly. 1. Timing: The event will run from 9-1 pm with the 5k run/walk starting at 10 am and going until the walkers are done. If you are planning on doing the run you should aim to be at the parking lot by 915 am to give yourself ample time. In addition, there are several morning fitness classes if you come at that time. 2. Bib pickup: Please pickup your bib in advance of the event by dropping by the Sneaker Factory at 308 Millburn Avenue tomorrow (Friday) or Saturday from 330-530 pm. You will be happy you did to avoid the check in at the event. If you miss advance pickup you can pick up the day of the event. 3. Parking/event arrival: The event takes place at the Kushner Academy in Livingston NJ — however, parking is being provided behind the school at the Saint Barnabas Ambulatory Care Center at 200 South Orange Avenue, Livingston, NJ. There will be police onsite to direct you into the parking lot. For those that know the area please note that access to Saint Barnabas can only happen off of South Orange Avenue. Please do not try to enter from Passaic Avenue or CIT Drive. Both of those will be closed. PLEASE CARPOOL!! Once you park you will follow the volunteers who will guide you into the Kushner school where you can pickup your bib (if you haven’t), pick up swag, register new people or just hang out with your family and friends. There will be coffee, hot chocolate and snacks provided. We will also do a very quick event kickoff. 4. 5k Run/Walk: The run/walk starts at 10 am and will be lead by our race director Faith Nashel who will explain the details onsite. Because the route goes through local streets and lots there will be volunteers and cones directing you. For those that want to see the route in advance we have attached a map at the bottom of this email. We have Awards and gift cards for the top finishers. 5. Weather: It is hard to tell whether the weather is going to be perfect (low 40s and clear) or rainy at this time. The event is a rain/shine event but we will make a call that morning if the run/walk will happen. If you don’t receive an email from us assume it is on. And regardless the indoor events will take place. 6. Indoor events: Thanks to Naomi Panzer we have an incredible slate of indoor activities to choose from. We are attaching a schedule of events and a map of the school. We will have these printed for you when you arrive and there will be plenty of people volunteering to show to your activities. Thank you to all of our amazing instructors who are donating their time to this event: Brian Chapman and the Millburn High School Baseball Team, Alexandra Gartenberg and the Millburn High School Girls' Lacrosse Team, Matt Petrillo, Michoel Shapiro, Melissa Melillo, Charlie Guevara, Michelle Marshall, Allyson Weiss, Amy Justice, Miriam Kurtsoy, Betsy Davis, Naomi Panzer7. Signups: Advance signups close at midnight tomorrow (Friday night). We WILL be accepting day of sign ups for a small additional fee (note we will only be taking credit cards for day of sign-ups). Last year we got more of these than expected so this year we are prepared and the sign up line should move quickly. 8. Day of donations: We will be accepting donations at the event. All donations go to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance and their prevention initiatives. 9. Thank youa. Kushner Academy and Kushner Cancer Club: I have to give a special thank you to the Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School for generously donating their building and team to make this event happen. And to the Kushner Cancer Club for all of their help. Last to Buzzy Brickman who set up our website and was a constant 24/7 help line. We could not have done this without their support. b. Sponsor and contributor thank you: I want to thank our great sponsors and contributors. Our sponsors are Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Clinical Genomics, HDRBB Attorneys at Law, Jag-One Physical Therapy. And thank you to Saint Barnabas for donating their lot, CIT Group for donating their street and lot, Trader Joe’s for donating food, Starbucks for donating coffee, Millburn Deli for donating gift cards for the race winners, Sneaker Factory for allowing us to use their store for bib pickup and for donating gift cards, Philly Pretzel Factory of Livingston for donating gift cards. And a big thank you to Sheetal Kurup of Events by Sheetal for the amazing balloon arch and decorations and to DJ Priore of DBoy Entertainment for well you know being a great DJ. 10. Volunteers/instructors/vendors: Thank you all for donating your time and skills to this event. For volunteers please arrive between 8-8:30 am. For vendors, instructors, etc. please arrive by 830 am. After you park you can enter the school by the cafeteria to check in. Note that if you have anything heavy you need to drop at the school that you can't carry from the parking lot you will need to arrive no later than 830am and drive up to the back loading dock. By 845 am the roads will be closed off. Lastly, I have been the face of this but all of the real work has been happening behind the scenes by a lot of people: Thanks Naomi Panzer, Faith Nashel, Heather Adelman, Audra Berger, Nicole Berger, Jessa Zapor-Gray, Charlie Guevara, Sarah Guttman, Gary Berger and of course my sisters Rebecca and Abby and my Dad.